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Entry #2

Features Newgrounds could use...

2013-02-28 04:17:12 by Chemich

Report Post: This feature has been gone for far too long, personally I feel PM'ing Admins and Moderators to take care of issues is a bit annoying to them. They've got enough work to do without someone linking them a spam thread that's probably already been taken care of. If a report system is implemented, it will make it that much easier for everyone involved. Knowing the post is going to be taken care of, and also knowing we won't need to send out an extra PM just because someone didn't read the rules.

"Enemies" also ignoring chat users: This is a feature that should be deemed necessary with the chat redesign. NG Chat is normally full of either Whinefags, or Know-It-All superiority complexes. It'd be just easier if you gave more people (including the children of NG,) the inhibition to just block them via UCP so less arguments and bans need to be handed out henceforth. Too many people get baited into the dumbest of arguments, with the most annoying and hard-headed people that prolong an argument simply 'cause they have nothing better to do.

PM from Friends/Mods/Admins only: Too often do I get spam regarding someone trying to plug their track personally, there -is- an Audio Advertisement thread and I wish people would learn to use it. I'm not here to review everyone's music at will, and nor do I appreciate having to read a message not correlated to my interests. This feature would make it MUCH simpler to isolate the usually Newgrounds riff-Raff for content creators, and help us in the long run by saving time.

Some basic AP Changes: The only reason I really came back was for the deletion feature, which should've been there first day of the redesign. Anyways a few things here and there I thought would be helpful to the Audio Portal.

- Ability to upload 44.1 KHZ and 48 KHZ
- Maximum File Size increased to 20 MB (Some of us have larger mp3's.) :(
- Multiple formats (ogg, mp3, aac, .mid or .midi)
- * Midi's for uploading melodies for other artists to use and whatnot, maybe for contests etc...
- Artist's Username can only vote on his or her own track once. (Just a fair suggestion.)

Random tweaks:
- Blocked users / Enemies also hide posts on forums and chat (slightly redundant request.)
- Automated of embedding of youtube / vimeo / hulu videos in news posts, and forum posts.
- Take the word "cool" out of the Video Games board description.
- Maybe have an upvote/downvote system for posts in the forum. (displaying both, not just whichever has more.)
- instead of needing to limit pictures to a certain size, increase the size and give them a thumbnails with a popout link.

Just some ideas I had I noticed work pretty well on other sites, not really up for debate but I'm pretty sure everyone has their list of what they'd like to see changed.

Now, for some Wubstep.

Features Newgrounds could use...


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2013-08-02 06:12:09

wordfilters . . . change every instance of the word "very" to "hella" across the entire site

Chemich responds:

That's genius, why are we not funding this?!


2013-03-15 20:50:39

I agree with having supporting other formats considering that a 320 Kbit per second .ogg file is smaller than an .mp3 of the same bitrate. (Though I don't notice the difference between 224-350kbps from regular 128k aside from filesize.) However, Flash doesn't support .ogg yet, which is a bummer. By the way, I just downloaded your song Later Day Saints.

Chemich responds:

Thanks sir, glad to see another person who appreciates Darkpsy Trance. :)

But yes it's a bummer, but hopefully if HTML5 gets a bit better the Newgrounds coders may consider using that instead?

It's an idea at least, or maybe they'll turn away because the foundation of this site was brought up from flash... personally I'd be open to the idea myself.


2013-03-02 22:21:12

Report post: Anti-piracy fags can now have the power to take down my posts quicker. Another abusive tool.

"Enemies" also ignoring chat users: I think that chat is fine. The staff promise they won't touch it unless the next redesign comes up.

PM from Friends/Mods/Admins only: Lol you can block the sender bro.

Some basic AP Changes: You have to understand the server and storage renting costs a lot. And NG is still living on ads. I personally think the voting improvement is a good suggestion.

You have to understand that the amount of NG staff who knows programming are only a handful. It takes tons of work to fix this system.

Chemich responds:

You have some fair points there, but blocking the sender doesn't take all the hassle away from getting random spam.

If you stop the spam before it starts, it never happens does it?

But yeah I know, this is just a few features I'd like to see implemented. Ideas,;I'm not asking anyone to do them, nor do I expect any of these to get done.

Also as for the chat I just feel we shouldn't be forced to read EVERYTHING that gets typed. Never said any of these were optimal ideas, just my opinion really. :P